Bioxsine Serum (20)

Bioxsine Serum (20)
Bioxsine Serum (20)
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Bioxsine is a highly effective anti hair loss herbal formulation for both men and women now available in Ireland and sold only to pharmacies by Ocean Heatlhcare. Biota laboratories who developed Bioxet, the first and only cream that permanently removes unwanted hair, have now turned their expertise to address the issue of unwanted hair loss.


Clinical tests have proven that the 100% natural ingredients and Biocomplex B11 found in BIOXSINE hair loss products, comprising a shampoo and a serum can prevent hair loss while increasing the amount of hair and strengthening hair follicles. Bioxsine also strengthens hair giving it resilience, while creating the necessary conditions for new hair formation.


Clinical trials have revealed that after two months use, Bioxsine had prevented hair loss in 90% of the participants and had increased hair growth in 80% of the participants. Bioxsine is a highly economic as well as highly effective solution to hair loss, comparing very favourably to products already on the market.

How to Apply
Wash hair with Bioxsine Shampoo and towel dry. Apply Bioxsine Serum to damp and clean hair, beginning from the part of the scalp where hair loss is observed and proceed to cover the entire hair-growing area. Apply be gently massaging with finger tips for about one minute using circular movements, so that the serum contained in the vial is absorbed by the skin. Do not rinse the hair. Bioxsine Serum can be used during the day or at night; however it should be retained on the hair for minimum of 8 hours. As cellular activity in hair follicles peaks during sleep, application before bedtime is recommended.

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