NUK Size1 0-6Months Medium Feed Hole Othodontic Teat 2Pack

NUK Size1 0-6Months Medium Feed Hole Othodontic Teat 2Pack
Brand: NUK
Product Code: Size1 0-6Months Medium Feed Orthodontic Teat
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  • Size 1 is suitable for 0-6 months and the medium feed hole is suitable for breast milk and formula. Each pack contains 2 teats. For hygiene purposes and safety, replace the teat after 1-2 months use 
  • The NUK orthodontic shape and Air System have both been approved by the British Dental Health Foundation. 
  • The NUK Air System within the teat allows air to flow into the bottle though a vent. As the baby sucks, this ensures that no air is swallowed during feeding, thus helping to prevent colic. 
  • BPA free. 
  • Sterilise using Steam or cold water sterilisation. Do not place NUK products in the dishwasher as this can cause material damage. Microwave sterilisation may damage the material if it is not completely dry beforehand and can cause the teat to age more quickly. 


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